Take Pride in Learning to Agree to Disagree Around LGBTQ+ Issues

lgbt divorceIn an article published on 6/27 in the Daily Business Review, Rebecca Palmer offers compassionate ways for spouses to navigate differences of opinion when it comes to Pride Month. A key notion is to maintain open and honest communication so that each person’s views on Pride Month and LGBTQ+ issues can be voiced openly and without fear of judgment or retaliation from their partner. Palmer advises engaging in such practices as active listening and “acceptance” of the other person’s view—which isn’t the same as agreement.

“Even if one partner supports LGBTQ+ rights and the other does not, there may be shared values underlying these alternate perspectives,” Palmer writes. “By identifying and emphasizing these shared values, spouses can find ways to support each other’s beliefs while maintaining their own individual moral integrity.”

She advises that the partner who supports LGBTQ+ rights might share books, articles, or even personal stories about friends or colleagues within the community. This should be done without an ulterior motive of changing the other person’s mind but rather of offering context and understanding. And, if the conversations get out of hand, the help of an outside counselor may be needed.

“Remember that you share a life together, and focusing on common goals and values can help maintain a sense of unity,” she said. “You are more than the sum of your disagreements.”

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