Matthew Brickman Speaks With Rebecca Palmer Esq. On Why It’s Easy To Get Married and Hard To Get Divorced

florida divorceAn article published on 7/1 in Financial Content highlights a recent episode of the “Mediate This!” podcast where Rebecca Palmer discusses various changes in family and parenting law in Florida. On the episode, hosted by Florida Supreme Court-certified mediator Matthew Brickman, Palmer shared her thoughts on the new alterations to timesharing, paternity, and other Florida statutes.

“As a parent, as a lawyer…they’ve made cookie-cutter presumptions.  …  I think the judges have to remain open-minded,” Palmer said.

Divorce policies continue to change, making it more difficult to dissolve a legal union. Brickman advises to “get your facts” straight when planning for any potential legal action in Florida, including when it comes to the 50-50 split of assets.

“People have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to argue that,” Palmer said. “Don’t think of raising a child as [done at] 18. Think of it as a lifetime achievement.”

Read more about the discussion about Florida divorce in full; click here. (Listen to the entire podcast episode here.)