How Single Dads Can Knock It Out Of The Park This Father’s Day

An article published in the Daily Business Journal written by Rebecca Palmer discusses how single fathers can create meaningful and enjoyable experiences for Father’s Day with their children, while balancing the responsibilities of being a single parent. She advises engaging in activities together that both the parent and the children enjoy, be it a pizza party or a hike. You can also schedule nontraditional bonding activities in honor of the special day.
“Another approach is incorporating traditions or hobbies, especially by teaching your children a skill or talent that might have been passed on to you by your father,” Palmer writes. “Whether it’s a day dedicated to a favorite sport, a BBQ session, or an afternoon spent doing an outdoor activity, aligning the celebrations with your passions adds a personal and meaningful dimension to the day.”
And even if you aren’t able to spend the day with your children, single dads can also engage in a favorite activity, seeing friends, or even writing letters to your children to share your love for them in written form. You might even use these letters to plan future activities together with your children.
“Father’s Day is about celebrating the unique and irreplaceable bond between you and your child,” writes Palmer. “It is within your power to create a day of fun activities and happy memories that will be cherished for years to come.”
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