How National Take Our Daughter and Sons to Work Day Provides Opportunity for Connection

best divorce attorney orlandoIn an article published on 6/18 in the HR Daily Advisor, Rebecca Palmer discusses how she would often observe her pastor father preparing for and conducting the business of the church. Today, Palmer advises that taking our children to work can help them learn more about what their parents do outside the home, as well as engage their curiosity about potential future careers. You can—and should—even engage them in tasks around the office.

“It’s great to incorporate hands-on activities such as making copies, doing simple experiments, or joining you in a meeting or presentation,” Palmer said. “If they are curious about other skill sets, you could coordinate with a colleague to show your children what other people do and how the company operates. Support their curiosity by allowing them to ask you and your coworkers questions about your work, company, or education.”

She writes that events such as Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day offer children a chance to not only learn about the workplace but also teach them responsibility, respect, and the value of collaboration. This also serves to show your children that you, as a parent, have an entire life outside of the home—and you can demonstrate how those two different aspects of your life intertwine effectively.

“Whether you’re a single parent or co-parenting, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is not just a fun outing, it’s an enriching experience for you and your children,” Palmer said. “By spending time with them from the breakfast table to the boardroom, you are showing them what you do and reinforcing the belief that they can be anything they set their minds to.”

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