The firm’s Managing Partner and Founder, Rebecca Palmer, published a column in Attorney at Law Magazine highlighting how separated or divorced couples can minimize stress during the holiday season. She discusses how creating and sticking to a holiday plan ensures both parents get the appropriate amount of time with the children. She advises parents to gauge what they truly want from the holidays and ask themselves what would make this time of year more memorable.

“Just because you have an idea of what the perfect holiday activities look like does not mean your ex will agree,” writes Rebecca. “When developing your plan, including the activities you are willing to compromise on – perhaps you have the kids on Christmas day, and your ex gets Christmas eve. Maybe your ex gets everyone for Thanksgiving this year, and you get next year. Knowing when and where you are willing to be flexible will decrease tensions and allow you to formulate a plan that works for everyone.”

Rebecca also explains how holiday plans are a healthy way to establish boundaries with an ex-spouse and their family without creating drama or unnecessary stress.

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