Artificial Intelligence Has Great Potential but Cannot Replace the Human Touch

The Daily Business Review published an article on 8/24, written by Rebecca Palmer. In the article, she discusses the ways in which AI has helped people with everyday tasks and in business, how it can improve efficiency, and the situations where it is not beneficial or even harmful to use.

“Human input and interactions will still be the key to a convincing presentation to a jury, executing skillful mediation between opposing parties, and making strategic legal decisions,” Rebecca writes. “As legal professionals, we take an oath to uphold the laws of our state and the country, not to follow the output of AI.”

AI-enabled tools are capable of streamlining analysis of mountains of legal documents, examining relevant statutes and case law, as well as automating the creation of documents and contracts. However, as powerful as these tools are, they are just that—and still require human oversight.

“As AI technology and its applications continue to evolve, it’s important to remember that while AI can offer significant benefits, it cannot replace human judgment, critical thinking, or inspiration, no matter what Siri says,” Rebecca writes.

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