Insolvency / Creditor's Rights

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Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group’s experienced legal professionals bring an efficient, strategic, creative, and thoughtful approach to bankruptcy, insolvency, and debtor-creditor matters. Our team understands and can successfully navigate complex insolvency matters such as Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, Federal and State receiverships, subchapter V small business bankruptcy proceedings, and Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors. 

The team is highly skilled in assessing the big picture, breaking the issues into relevant components, and building a roadmap toward healthy resolutions. We build trust by understanding our client’s business needs and developing practical solutions to navigate insolvency and creditor’s rights laws that align with our client’s goals and objectives.

The team further understands how these critical issues can impact the marital dissolution process. Insolvency and dissolution law often intersect, and Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group’s experienced team can shepherd our clients through that potentially tumultuous period.

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