Combating Homelessness in Downtown Orlando Together

With over half a million people homeless in the U.S., including close to 30,000 in Florida, solving the issue of the unhoused will need bold actions. In an article published on 11/01, Rebecca Palmer addresses the Mayor’s Housing First Initiative, the City of Orlando’s response to homelessness, launched — in collaboration with the Downtown Development Board, Housing and Community Development Department, Economic Development Department, the Office of Community Affairs and Human Relations, Orlando Police Department and others — on a region-wide initiative to reduce chronic homelessness. Additionally, Rebecca discusses how businesses and volunteers can do their part to help our homeless men and women daily.

“We are proud to partner with Serving Out of Love, a nonprofit organization that works with our homeless community to create a better future with love, hope, and guidance,” writes Rebecca. “There are many opportunities for volunteers and sponsors to be directly involved in helping our downtown Orlando community by delivering basic needs such as hot meals, clothes, and medical care.”

To read the article in full and learn how you can help, click here.