Conversation with Rebecca Palmer Esq. on Why It’s Easy To Get Married, Hard To Get Divorced

In a podcast released on 2/17, Rebecca L. Palmer is featured as a guest on the MediateThis! Podcast, discussing the interesting experience she encountered with divorce as a young college student and how the millennial and Gen Z generations view marriage differently than previous generations.

“I think divorce has become so prevalent; when I grew up, I honestly don’t remember ever knowing anybody who was divorced until I went to college,” she said. “A trend now is questioning marriage, because if you think about it, you and I growing up didn’t know any people who were divorced. Our kids, they know so much about divorce.”

Rebecca expands on newer generations turning away from previous social standards stating, “They’re definitely bucking the system. Not only personally, but professionally.”

Rebecca elaborates on how COVID changed relationship structures and how the millennial and Gen Z generations are making a more proactive push for how they want their lives to be.

Additionally, Rebecca shares her background and why her firm is unique.

To listen to the full episode, click here.