Conversation with Rebecca Palmer Esq. on Current Divorce Trends

In the latest episode of MediateThis!, Rebecca Palmer Esq. and Matthew Brickman engage in a thought-provoking discussion about divorce rates, the emotional toll of divorce proceedings, and the unique challenges faced by spouses during this period. They shed light on the amplified emotions experienced by individuals going through divorces and the factors that contribute to the rise in divorce rates.

Rebecca Palmer Esq. shares insights into the emotional complexities of divorces and emphasizes the importance of empathy and understanding during such turbulent times. “I think what we have to tell your listeners and viewers is there’s always hope.  And there’s always ambition and there’s always things you can do,” Rebecca advises.

Additionally, Rebecca highlights trends she observes in divorce cases and the impact of external factors on marital relationships such as January being known as divorce month.  “I’m gonna get past the holidays, which I get, I mean, divorce is hard. Any way you look at it. And, and I’m gonna get past Thanksgiving. I’m gonna get past Christmas, new year, new me, you know, and then, a, the phone start ringing, people are ready to have a new beginning” Rebecca explains.


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