Curtis McGee Promotes Health, Fitness, and Corporate Wellbeing

Curtis McGee is an award-winning personal trainer, model, and actor who has trained professional tennis players and NFL players. He’s been voted one of Florida’s best personal trainers, year after year. Curtis’ unique training style has been featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Bright House Cable Network, and Men’s Health. He is not only Rebecca Palmer’s trainer, but they have been friends for many years. In light of National Stress Awareness Month, we celebrate Curtis!

  1. For those who might not be familiar with you, what can you tell them about who you are and what you do?
    1. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, I have been a Master Certified ACE and NASM Personal Trainer for over 25 years. I began my career when personal training was viewed as an expensive luxury. Today personal training has become a necessity. What I enjoy most about my career is the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, become a positive influence, and make a difference in their lives. I LOVE what I do so much; I am almost reluctant to call it a job.
  2. What was the moment you knew the career you wanted to pursue?
    1. The moment I knew I wanted to pursue personal training was around 1990 when the popularity of training caught the eyes of the Sports Marketing Agency of Brad Marshall and JR Harris located in Seattle, Washington. My first assignment was working with college NBA prospects. My first client was Doug Christy, who played 14 seasons in the NBA.  
  3. What are the fundamental pillars of your training regimen?
    1. I specialize in sports conditioning training: functional training, strength training, core, balance, speed, and agility.  
  4. How long have you been working with Rebecca Palmer, and what are your thoughts on training executives?
    1. I have had the opportunity of working with Rebecca Palmer for about 14 years. Rebecca is one of the top divorce lawyers in Florida. She has always been at the top of her game;  I have always respected her and her family for their morals, beliefs, and integrity. The client relationship we developed over the years goes as far back as teaching her kids how to ride a bike. Training executives requires patience and flexibility due to their challenging schedules. The rewarding aspect is you can learn things you may not have otherwise and the unique opportunity to vacation with clients. Another advantage of working with executives is they are not as affected as the general public during recession cycles, which provides job stability.  
  5. How have client relationships impacted your decision-making and career?
    1. Client relationships play an important role in my career. It has helped me communicate better with people, taught me how to retain clients, and build a better rapport. They have helped me understand, “It’s not where you start, but where you finish.” I have learned that everyone works at different speeds and levels, and you cannot just throw everyone in the mix. It is like being a coach; all players are not treated the same. I have to find each individual’s “hot spot,” that button I can press to motivate them. I have to see what motivates the client and accentuate what pushes the positives and minimizes the negatives. The most important thing is when clients achieve desired results, they are not bashful about sharing with other prospective clients.    
  6. How do you view the connection between longstanding relationships and personal training?  Do they require the same kind of discipline?  The same mindset?
    1. That is an excellent question because I recognize the connection between personal training and longstanding clients. I have operated from day one with the vision of making it my goal to convert every personal training client into a longstanding client. My objectives are simple: 
      1. Meet the needs of your clients 
      2. Deliver the best service possible
      3. Follow up

When those objectives are met, it just naturally matures into longstanding relationships.  

  1. Which major athletes have you trained over the years?  
    1. Anna Kournikova (Tennis)
    2. Danielle Collins (Tennis, Currently ranked 9th in the world)
    3. Cliff Robinson (NBA)
    4. Doug Christy (NBA)
    5. Jerome Kersey (NBA)
    6. Patrick Allen (NFL)
    7. Ted Tryba (Golf)
    8. Bo Jackson (Baseball, Football)
    9. ….just to name a few
  2. What do you consider the highlight of your career?
    1. Being a fitness instructor for ESPN, Bright House Television (now Spectrum), featured in Sports Illustrated, Nike Fitness model, actor, and runner-up US Man of the Year (Oregon).  

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