Divorce, Children with Special Needs, and the Pathway Through

Rebecca L. Palmer published an article in Attorney at Law Magazine on 3/27. The article covers how couples going through a divorce with special needs children can find manageable pathways to resolution without incurring more pain and stress on themselves and their children.

“When dealing with all children during a divorce, it is paramount that parents respectfully communicate as they develop a parenting plan and custody agreement that is in the best interest of their child,” writes Rebecca. “This is especially important for parents of a special needs child because a standard parenting plan does not address the additional attention needed regarding the care and expense for a child with special needs.”

Rebecca elaborates, stating, “Special focus should be given to physical custody, legal custody, spousal/child support, and future planning.” Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of working with a family attorney to develop “a parenting plan outlining responsibilities as your special needs child transitions into adulthood, such as guardianship, eligibility for government or private agency benefits, employment, recreation and social development, independent living, and custodial care.”

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