Seeds of change for our planet and mental health this Earth Day

This Earth Day, Rebecca Palmer shares practical tips on how to involve children in meaningful activities that foster a sense of environmental responsibility and community engagement in a guest column published in the Orlando Sentinel. Rebecca emphasizes that Earth Day is not just a day of celebration but an ongoing opportunity to teach children about the importance of caring for our planet.

“Earth Day is a day for action that you can spend with your children engaging in hands-on activities that help them learn about how we care for our environment. Such activities will instill in your children a sense of responsibility, community spirit, and the joy of family bonding. One family Earth Day activity could be planting trees, vegetables, or flowers together,” she offers.

Another suggested activity is organizing or participating in a neighborhood clean-up, turning it into a fun and interactive experience for children and adults alike. This not only improves the community but also teaches valuable lessons about waste reduction and environmental stewardship. By encouraging children to think globally and act locally, we are shaping a generation that values environmental stewardship, civic pride, and a deep connection to the world around them.

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