The Trauma of Divorce—Helping Families, Children Cope and Bounce Back Faster

In light of Trauma Awareness Month, Rebecca Palmer published an article regarding the importance of acknowledging and discussing trauma openly and how this provides individuals an opportunity to address emotions from divorce within the family unit and beyond.

“A crucial element in addressing your children’s trauma stemming from your divorce, both in and out of therapy, is providing them with a safe environment where they feel free to express their emotions, no matter what they are,” writes Rebecca. “Encouraging your children to contextualize their feelings enables them to recognize and work through their emotions. For example, you might say, “It’s okay to feel sad that mom and dad are getting divorced. It’s a big change, and it’s natural to feel upset about it.”

As a parent, particularly during high times of stress, it is important to validate your children’s feelings and reassure them that they are supported and heard.

“Recognizing how divorce has affected everyone can strengthen your mental health and family bond and create a more resilient future for you and your children,” writes Rebecca.

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