Hunting for Happiness After the Easter Holiday

An article published in The Daily Business Review written by Rebecca Palmer discusses the “holiday blues” newly divorced people often feel following a holiday. She details that feelings of sadness and stress are natural in the aftermath of festivities. She outlines how a newly divorced person can navigate the days after a celebration, such as Easter, and what activities and tools they can engage with to overcome negative emotions.

holiday blues divorce“The good news is that the holiday blues are a state of mind, and there are many ways to navigate this post-holiday gloom,” writes Rebecca.

“One strategy is to embrace the power of positive thinking. Instead of dwelling on the sadness of missing the Easter traditions of the past, why not redefine the meaning of these celebrations and focus on the silver linings? As divorced parents, communication is a key element of your and your children’s happiness before, during, and after the Easter celebration. Encourage your children to talk about their feelings and thoughts regarding the holiday and the changes in your family traditions,” Rebecca shares.

“Creating a safe space for honest conversations can help them process their emotions and adapt to the “new normal” post-holiday and post-marriage. Whether you’re spending Easter with your children this year, or it’s your ex-spouse’s year, remind them that it’s okay to feel out of sorts as you all work on what the future looks and feels like.”

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