Divorce Month: January Is a Busy Time for Divorce Filings

divorce JanuaryIn an article published on 1/17 in Law.com and The Daily Business Review, Rebecca Palmer writes that January is extremely busy for divorce lawyers. After putting on a brave face during the holiday season, many couples enter the new year intending to separate from a union that one or both parties no longer find fulfilling or loving.

“One reason married couples might choose the start of a new calendar year to initiate divorce proceedings is the associated costs of a split,” writes Palmer, adding that the average cost of marital dissolution in the United States ranges between $15,000 and $20,000. “The more a couple disagrees about terms of the divorce settlement, the more drawn out and expensive the separation procedures become.”

However the split might end up for the two partners, it is important to keep in mind that you and your ex-spouse will remain co-parents to the children you share together. Your children may be angry at you or even blame themselves for the split, so it is important to acknowledge their feelings about the separation as valid. Potentially bringing in professional help for them to work through this difficult time might also be important.

“While taking the first steps toward a legal separation and divorce might be the best path forward as you start a new year and new you, understand that the process not only takes time but it also affects people other than you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse,” Palmer says. “Take care of yourself, but ensure your children have the resources and support they need to turn these challenging times into red-letter days in the new year.”

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