Divorced Parents Debate Return to School Guidelines | General Counsel News

As the school year commences, there are many discussions around health and safety protocols, including wearing a mask. In an article published on August 13, Rebecca Palmer addresses some of the concerns around children wearing or not wearing mask coverings in schools and provides tips on co-parenting and who has decision-making authority. Some tips include:

  • Remain focused on the well-being of the child. Your views may differ, but keeping your child healthy should override any negative feelings between former spouses. A small goal would be to have the same ground rules in both homes around safety and hygiene.
  • Lean on the recommendations published by the CDC or the school districts. In most cases, this will be the mandate implemented by the schools. Even if you have opposing opinions, it will be helpful for the child to follow the official guidelines to reduce further isolation based on the parents’ opposing opinions and perhaps exclusion from the parents’ school year.

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