Emerging From Divorce? Gift Yourself New Holiday Traditions

Rebecca Palmer published an article in Law.com outlining legal considerations regarding shared custody during the holidays. Rebecca advises that while the traditions that existed before the divorce may be gone, there is an opportunity to create new ones with your children. 

“Coping with the end of a marriage and settling into your ‘new normal’ during the holidays requires resilience, self-care, and a mindful approach,” Rebecca writes. “If…your child will not be with you on a big holiday, all is not lost. Plan your celebration for when you are together, even if it’s a random Saturday. This can be a very special day that you both look forward to, and it can even be the start of a new annual tradition you create together.”

Rebecca emphasizes the importance of communicating with your ex-spouse and the child/children about plans. Children often deal with the separation, and it’s important to ensure they continue to feel loved and that decisions are made for their best interests.

“Remember, it’s okay not to feel festive right now, but don’t lose sight that this is a time of fresh starts to make new traditions, spend time with family and friends who support you, and plan for a happier future — which is the real gift,” Rebecca writes.

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