Equitable and Equal are not Synonymous in Divorce

Founder and Managing Partner Rebecca L. Plamer published a column in Attorney at Law Magazine on 4/27. The column details the difference between equitable and equal distribution in divorces. She discusses how couples navigating divorce can find a fair path for the distribution of assets or leave distribution up to the courts.

“With all divorces, couples should negotiate an agreement that is right for their family,” writes Rebecca. “Working together to agree on a fair outcome will leave both parties satisfied with the outcome, and this, in the end, can mean an equitable split.”

She further emphasizes the importance of negotiating an agreement, writing, “In a court hearing, you are no longer in control of how assets and liabilities are distributed because the decision is up to the presiding judge.” She further expands on this point, writing, “The court’s interest is not in how you feel about the split or the ownership of assets, but that the case follows the legal process and fairness is determined by the evidence presented.”

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