Following a Separation, Let Spring’s Arrival Bring a Refresh and Renewal

divorce help orlandoAn article published in The Daily Business Review by Rebecca Palmer discusses how spring is the perfect time to organize and dispose of items you and your ex-partner shared, especially if they bear too much of a reminder of the now-defunct relationship. Redesigning and redecorating the house is but one step in the path to finding your way post-divorce, as is a digital “spring cleaning.”

“Start your digital decluttering by deleting any accounts or apps you no longer use,” advises Palmer. “It is also not a bad idea to skim through your [social media] posts to make sure there isn’t something that you thought was great when you posted but may have aged poorly—particularly if it relates to your former partner.”

Digital and physical cleanup in the wake of a separation can be difficult. However, this is the time to reclaim your life and seek out new opportunities as you embrace this next chapter.

“Change is hard, so be kind to yourself as you work through this new season of life,” Palmer writes. “Put on your favorite cleaning playlist and get organizing, painting, and planting—and let spring fling you into an exciting new chapter.”

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