Due to COVID-19, many courthouses are not open to in-person trials. However, virtual courtrooms are a great and successful option to ensure your Family Law issue is resolved.

Our Virtual Courtrooms Experience

Rebecca Palmer & Cynthia Winter

Recently, Rebecca L. Palmer and Cynthia Winter spent four days in a relocation trial in a Family Law virtual courtroom. The process went extremely well. Not only did the judge make note that she was able to hear witnesses clearly, but she was also pleased to have a full visual of the witnesses instead of the traditional side views, which can lose the connection a judge needs to make. 

Although traditional courtroom nuances are still viable for virtual courtrooms such as counsel negotiations and properly delivered documents, our job is to always fully prep our clients, of course, but in this case, we prep for the virtual space rather than the traditional courtroom experience. With this newly implemented technique for court, we are committed to ensuring that this process goes smoothly.

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