Alimony, VIP Clients, and High Net Worth Divorce With Rebecca Palmer

high net worth divorceIn the latest episode of Women Winning Divorce, Rebecca Palmer Esq. and Heather Quick discuss all things alimony, VIP clients, and high net worth divorce. Tune in as Rebecca and Heather talk about what type of complex issues may arise when there are high assets present in the divorce process. Rebecca also shares her experiences representing high-profile clients like Elin Nordegren and Brooke Sealey.

When asked how she distinguished her firm and her philosophy about family law, Rebecca shared, “Make sure you’re the most prepared person in the room… think of the end game and where you want to go and make sure you have good discussions with your client about what they want and what their priorities are. Never walk in a room unprepared.”

Rebecca outlined how alimony is viewed in higher asset cases, “It’s interesting, in Florida, alimony law has changed pretty dramatically, as well as, parenting law has changed dramatically this past summer in July… you got to look at the big picture, what is the person’s need – what is the person’s ability to pay and what does that look like. You got to ignore how many zeros there are because that is not the issue, it’s what’s best for the situation.”

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