Many in the community feel William Taplin’s presence and unwavering dedication to work, including all of us at the Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group. William is the security guard for our firm’s office building. His professional demeanor, calming presence, and easygoing nature always make us feel safe and cared for. In addition to being skilled in his trade, William is also a Veteran. 

In honor of Veterans Day, we tip our caps to our wonderful friend. Thank you for your service, William!

Let’s Get to Know William Taplin

What was your upbringing like, and how did you first learn about the military?  

My mother and my grandmother raised me. I come from a place where the military was respected, and service was highly encouraged and expected of us. My grandmother was all about patriotism and giving back to the community. 

When were you drafted, or when did you enlist?

I enlisted in the Army from 1974 to 1978.

Where did you serve during the war/deployment?

First, I was sent to South Carolina and attended the Army’s AIT (Advanced Individual Training) school in Virginia. Then, I was deployed to Germany for 13 months.

How did you stay in touch with family and friends back home?

I wrote letters mostly. Phone calls were very expensive and somewhat limited for the enlisted. Forget email or FaceTime that we have now! It was a different world. Today, my family members in uniform can easily connect virtually, and bam, there they are! 

Has your family followed in your footsteps in terms of military service?

Three of my brothers also served in uniform, and now their children are following the family path, too. I also have a granddaughter who attended ROTC in high school and is now in the Navy, and my niece has also attained the rank of lieutenant colonel.

We are definitely a military family!