International Divorce Raises Unique Custody Challenges

international divorce adviceAn article published in Attorney at Law Magazine authored by Rebecca Palmer explores the complexities of international divorces. In the column, she examines the intricacies of co-parenting across borders, drawing insights from real-life cases.

“Co-parenting between different countries and time zones presents unique challenges, but effective communication, cooperation, and planning can create healthy co-parenting situations,” writes Rebecca. “Thanks to today’s technology options, you can use video calls, messaging apps, and other apps like Skype, Zoom, or Teams to stay connected.”

Additionally, she recommends that scheduled virtual visitation and consistent custody agreements be established between co-parents. Rebecca also encourages co-parents to consider the parallel parenting method, “in which each parent has their parenting approach when the children are with them.”

Rebecca explains that parents should, “understand and establish a co-parenting agreement that complies with the laws of both countries” so it is important to, “regularly review co-parenting agreements and update them as needed.”

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