Jolie-Pitt Joint Custody Battle

Rebecca Palmer is featured in Attorney at Law Magazine discussing the recent Jolie-Pitt joint custody ruling. This high-profile case has put a spotlight on children testifying in court during a custody battle. Rebecca talks about the importance of attorneys protecting the best interests of the child during a custody battle because they often need an impartial advocate to ensure the court is presented with an accurate and unbiased picture of the entire situation when ruling on custody cases.

“The celebrity aspect of this custody battle brings a lot of attention on its own, but this recent decision also shines a light on how children’s interests are considered in family court”, writes Palmer. “The role of the family court is to evaluate the child’s day-to-day experiences, negative and positive, with each parent. The process in which children testify in the custody proceedings is a delicate and difficult one, as it was in the Jolie-Pitt case. Based on the evidence, the presiding judge declined to give the Jolie-Pitt children the opportunity to testify and thereby express their experiences and wishes to the court.”

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