Make Voting a Family Matter This Election Day and The Daily Business Review published an article by Rebecca Palmer, which encourages parents to involve their children in the democratic process by bringing them to the polling stations. In the article, Palmer gives her advice on how to properly educate children on the election process, how to be considerate of the other people taking part in the election, and why it is essential to teach children about the importance of elections from an early age.

“Not only is this an opportunity to make our voices heard, but it is also a yearly opportunity to teach our children, who will be the next generation of leaders, how important it is for them to raise their voices and contribute to their civic duty and responsibility,” writes Palmer. “To solidify this impactful moment beyond the voting booth, talk with your child about the outcome regardless of whether your candidate or political party came out on top.”

A recent study published by the Sandra Day O’Connor Institute for American Democracy, a nonprofit that promotes civic education and civil discourse, showed evidence of a trickle-down relationship in civic engagement, saying that most teenagers who voted in their first eligible presidential election had a mother who also voted.

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