Mediation Can Pave the Way for a Smooth Divorce

mediation divorceRebecca L. Palmer authored a column that was published in The Legal Intelligencer on 4/20 regarding the benefits of mediation in divorce proceedings. She highlights aspects such as cost-efficiency, speed, and reduced contention as benefits mediation can bring during divorce proceedings.

“Meditation is a less contentious method of getting divorced,” writes Rebecca. “Though no split is without its frustrations and sadness, a mediated divorce that does not deplete your sanity can be an opportunity for both parties to move on and start their next chapters.”

Rebecca emphasizes that mediation might not be for every couple, expanding on this point, writing, “Particularly if the separation involves domestic violence issues or a highly contested divorce.” However, she still supports mediation being a tool every couple looks into before deciding on the most effective route for amicably resolving a divorce.

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