Mediation Can Pave the Way for a Smooth Divorce

Rebecca authored a column which published in the Daily Business Review on 4/26. The column details how mediation can be a beneficial tool in divorce proceedings. She elaborates on how mediation can establish a smoother process for both parties, alleviating emotions in a strenuous situation. Mediation includes benefits such as cost-efficiency, speed, and reduced contention.

“Lack of love is not a prerequisite for a divorce,” writes Rebecca. “Sometimes the relationship runs its course, and there is nothing more to discuss, no shared interests, and no desire to come together to make the marriage work. But rather than a lengthy legal battle, mediation can help with the split.”

She emphasizes the positives of mediation, writing, “Meditation is a less contentious method of getting divorced. Though no split is without its frustrations and sadness, a mediated divorce that does not deplete your sanity can be an opportunity for both parties to move on and start their next chapters.”

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