Mediation Week Encourages Review of Legal Options and Beneficial Resolution Process

mediation weekIn a guest column published on 10/20 by the Daily Business Review, Rebecca Palmer discusses the importance of legal mediation proceedings in conjunction with October’s Annual Mediation Week in Florida. In lieu of engaging in litigation and court trials, mediation offers a way for attorneys and clients to work together toward a resolution that avoids expensive legal proceedings.

“One of the benefits of mediation is that the often adversarial relationship between opposing counsels is short-circuited by a nonpartisan third party, which leads the discussions,” Rebecca writes. “The mediator is there to help bridge the gap between incompatible goals, but they act as arbiters rather than the final decision-maker. This way, the sparring parties cannot blame the mediator for the eventual outcome.”

Rebecca writes that mediation might be especially helpful in divorce proceedings when emotions run high. Mediators can help remind everyone that the children’s needs should always come first.

“A mediator is incredibly useful in such situations: their success means finding the most equitable solution for all parties,” she writes. “So, this week, I hope that clients and attorneys take into account the benefits of mediation and work to incorporate more of it.”

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