Mediation Week Reminds Us That Mediation Has Many Benefits

Chief Justice Charles T. Canady of the Supreme Court of Florida has proclaimed Mediation Week during October 17 – 23. Building on the Chief Justice’s best wishes for those observing Mediation Week,  Rebecca Palmer published an article discussing the many benefits of mediation on 10/20.

“As legal professionals, our goal is to pursue the most favorable outcome for our clients,” writes Rebecca. “At times in our law practice, we have advised mediation as an option rather than taking the case to trial. Mediation is a method of dispute resolution in situations where the parties in a disagreement want to, or will be forced to, keep working together or maintain an ongoing relationship such as shared child custody, shared assets, or business partnerships. In mediation, the only people making decisions are those involved in the dispute.”

Rebecca and her team have seen an uptick in mediation cases. “Mediation gives both parties the power to reach a resolution based on the outlined outcomes and prevent having a resolution handed down through legal channels,” she writes. “In many situations, mediation is far better than a court hearing.”

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