Millennials Are Choosing Domestic Partnerships but They Don’t Grant the Same Legal Rights as Marriage

The firm’s Managing Partner and Founder, Rebecca Palmer, published a column in the Daily Business Review on 1/23 highlighting why millennials are choosing domestic partnerships over marriage compared to previous generations. In the column, Rebecca highlights the pros and cons of domestic partnership from a legal perspective.

“The more relaxed rights for domestic partnerships allow for easier separations, especially concerning financial situations if that comes to pass. Additionally, millennials are marrying much later in life. In the 1960s, the average marrying age for women was 21, and for men, it was 23,” she writes. “Fast forward to 2023, and the average marrying age for women is 28 and 30 for men. This generation of Americans no longer views marriage as a necessity but rather an option as they navigate adulthood and the next chapter in their lives.”

Rebecca mentions other aspects that have influenced millennials’ decision making, such as their parents’ marital failures, a stronger understanding of who they are as people, and financial realities that have shattered the traditional mindset around marriage. “Finding your ultimate happiness is the primary objective,” she continues. “Ensuring you and your partner find the right fit is essential in reaching that goal.”

There are drawbacks, though, as domestic partnerships have fewer legal parameters and protections.

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