Millennials Are Choosing Domestic Partnerships but They Don’t Grant the Same Legal Rights as Marriage

The firm’s Managing Partner and Founder, Rebecca Palmer, published a column on 1/30 in The Legal Intelligencer highlighting the increased rate of domestic partnerships in millennials compared to previous generations. In the article, Rebecca highlights the legal rights of domestic partnerships vs. marriages, the factors influencing millennials in choosing domestic partnerships, and the limitations of this choice concerning spousal benefits.

“Domestic partnerships have fewer legal parameters and protections than marriages. This arrangement is more like a roommate than a spouse,” writes Rebecca. “This creates complications concerning child support, child custody, joint property ownership, and other issues typically more delineated in traditional marriages—something couples should carefully consider when contemplating each scenario.”

Rebecca mentions the greater sense of flexibility and freedom of domestic partnerships as the most significant attracter to millennials but cautions everyone to review their legal rights when making this crucial decision. “Finding your ultimate happiness is the primary objective,” she continues. “Ensuring you and your partner find the right fit is essential in reaching that goal.”

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