More Millennials Are Completing Prenups, Here’s Why!

The firm’s Managing Partner and Founder, Rebecca Palmer, published a column in Attorney at Law Magazine detailing why millennials, the population born between 1981-1996, are completing more prenups than previous generations. Rebecca mentions three significant factors in the rise of millennial prenups—increased accumulation of assets due to waiting for marriage, debt considerations, and millennials’ own experience seeing their parents’ divorce.

“With an increased likelihood of accumulating assets such as owning property, the increase in higher education costs, and having been exposed to the emotional and financial hardships of divorce as children, millennials see the benefit of prenups,” writes Rebecca. “Working together with your partner and tackling a prenup agreement as a team is an aspect of healthy communication.”

Rebecca stresses the importance of seeking legal guidance if a prenup is the preferred route for a marriage, writing, “It is important to meet with a professional to discuss your options and how to best protect yourself and your partner.”

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