Pit Stops and Playlists: It’s Time to Make Memories on National Road Trip Day

summer divorceAn article published in the Daily Business Journal written by Rebecca Palmer discusses the ways single parents can create an enjoyable National Road Trip Day with their children. It is important to be in touch with your children’s co-parent to ensure you come to an agreement on the trip dates, destinations, and any potential changes that may occur. Palmer advises checking in with your co-parent during the trip via phone, text, or video chat to ensure that your children speak and share their experiences.
“When sharing custody of your children, open communication with your former spouse about travel plans ensures everyone is on the same page,” writes Palmer. “This can drastically decrease tense conversations that can change your easygoing, summery attitude.”
Palmer suggests engaging in family activities that increase connectivity and bonding such as packing together, coming up with road trip song playlists, selecting snacks for the journey, and plotting out scenic spots and quirky roadside attractions to see on the way.
“National Road Trip Day is about making memories as much as it is about conquering miles,” Palmer writes. “By embracing these spontaneous adventures, your road trip will be filled with unforgettable experiences and stories to share.”
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