Creating New Mother’s Day Traditions Post-Divorce

mother's day post divorceThe Daily Business Review published an article on 5/10, written by Rebecca Palmer, discussing how single parents can navigate Mother’s Day traditions after a separation. In the article, Palmer talks about how newly single parents can handle the emotions surrounding Mother’s Day that may come up after a separation, including creating new traditions and prioritizing self-care and support around the holiday.
“Whether your children are with you part-time, or you have sole custody, the first Mother’s Day post-separation can be emotionally challenging. Despite your circumstances, there are ways to find joy and celebrate this special day, whether you’re with your children or not,” writes Palmer. “If you typically celebrate Mother’s Day as a family, develop new ways that you can make the day special. This could involve cooking a special meal with your children or spending the day doing activities that bring joy to all of you.”
Even if you don’t have children of your own, Palmer maintains that Mother’s Day can be an opportunity to connect with those closest to you after a separation.
“Mother’s Day can be a day to honor all women who have positively impacted your life, whether they are mothers or not. Take time to reach out to these women and express gratitude for their presence in your life,” says Palmer.
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