New year, new you! Your gift should be physical, mental health

The Orlando Sentinel published an article by Rebecca Palmer on 12/19, focusing on mitigating stress during the holiday season and prioritizing mental well-being and physical health.
“The pressure to host picture-perfect celebrations and the expectations of creating a happy family environment can be overwhelming for anyone. For divorced women, the stressors are often amplified as they navigate often-new co-parenting dynamics, potential loneliness, and sadness surrounding how life used to be,” wrote Rebecca. “As we enter the last push of this festive season, it is a perfect time for everyone, especially divorced women, to perform personal mental-health check-ins to clear out the old and ring in the new.”
Rebecca shared that it is crucial to identify signs of stress and exhaustion early and address them head-on to prevent emotional drainage.
“To promote your well-being, try to stay present in each moment and enjoy the company of loved ones without constantly worrying about the next task on your to-do list,” Rebecca wrote. “Also, make sure you have trusted people in your network and/or professionals you can reach out to when you’re feeling overwhelmed.”
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