Parenting Plans Before the School Bell Rings

Back-to-school is an excellent time to review your parenting plan. In an article published in Parenting Special Needs Magazine on 9/15, Rebecca details how to balance schedules, handle financial obstacles, overcome challenges, and reassess logistical hurdles with an ex-spouse concerning parenting plans.

“Whether you have been divorced a while or recently separated, stressful challenges coincide with balancing work schedules alongside your child’s school transportation, extracurricular activities, and homework,” writes Rebecca. “When one parent has sole or primary physical custody, the burden of daily logistics generally falls on them.”

She writes, “in many divorces, finances play a significant role in the dissolution of marriage in the form of child support, alimony, or the division of assets. Communication about back-to-school expenses can hopefully be done amicably in person or with the support of your family attorney.”

Rebecca also provides insight into healthy communication by suggesting a shared Google Family Calendar to situate scheduling needs. Additionally, Rebecca stresses the importance of keeping the child’s best interest at heart.

To read the story about developing a back-to-school parenting plan in full, click here (advance to page 12).

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