Senate Bill 1416 – Learn More About the End of Permanent Alimony

Rebecca Palmer and John Dorris co-authored an article published in The Legal Intelligencer on 5/19. The article details the foreseeable changes to the status of permanent alimony in Florida, the scope and intricacies of Senate Bill 1416, and the impact the regulation change would have on divorced families.

“Florida has been a stalwart supporter of permanent alimony despite numerous attempts to change state law,” writes John and Rebecca. “It is one of six states where permanent alimony may be awarded in a dissolution proceeding, but now, after nearly a decade of lobbying efforts, Floridians may finally be saying goodbye to permanent alimony. Currently working its way through the Florida Legislature is Senate Bill 1416.”

The authors explain, “After a decade of reform efforts, permanent alimony is likely ending, but we must understand the layers of nuance beneath the legislation to end it. Many men and women may aspire to the traditional homemaker role and enter a marriage allowing for a single-income earner, but societal trends have veered away from conventional family concepts over the decades.”

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