Planning Education Expenses is Critical for Your Child’s Future Success

Rebecca Palmer published a guest column advising that divorced parents of school-age children should equitably divide up their kids’ educational expenses. While Florida law does not dictate that parents must pay for their children’s education, it says they must “support” their children through to their 18th birthday. 

“In some cases, divorce settlements or court orders may include provisions for parents to contribute to their child’s expenses in early education as well as when they are pursuing an undergraduate, master’s and even doctoral degree,” Palmer writes. “These agreements may outline how much each parent is expected to contribute directly or through a savings account…as well as under what conditions and for how long.”

Ideally, parents can amicably discuss and split such educational expenses. However, there are many instances where divorces and subsequent co-parenting can prove difficult—necessitating the assistance of legal professionals.

“As with every step in a divorce and supporting a child, it’s crucial for parents to communicate openly and seek legal advice when necessary to come to a reasonable arrangement that best serves the child’s needs and their current and future needs,” writes Palmer.

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