Protecting Children of Divorce – Higher Risk of Suicide and Depression

In an article published on 10/2 in the Sanford Herald, Rebecca Palmer, the firm’s Managing Partner, details the significance of protecting children of divorce to avoid the effects of depression and suicide. In the article, Rebecca states that suicide is the second leading cause of death in individuals between 10-24 years old and that depression and other mental health issues are the leading cause.

“It is no secret that divorce can cause an influx of stress, anxiety, and depression,” writes Rebecca. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, children of divorce are at a much higher risk of attempting suicide than those who grow up in non-divorced homes. Understanding the warning signs and risk factors will help with early intervention and minimizing risk.”

Rebecca highlights signs a divorced child may display if they struggle with depression or other mental illnesses. These include abrupt changes in behavior, eating habits, whether an increase or decrease in food consumption, falling academic performance, and complaints of physical pains such as headaches, fatigue, or stomach aches.

She concludes her column with resources that parents can use for their child/children’s depression and/or mental illness. She highlights Total Life Counseling Center, Psychological Affiliates, the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, and finding reputable behavioral health professionals specializing in child depression and mental illness.

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