Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group Partners and Others Celebrate #ActsofKindnessMonth

In an article published on 3/26, Rebecca L. Palmer is featured for her firm’s partnership and community involvement with her colleagues, Jennifer Santana, a paralegal at the Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group, Kathleen Moore, president-elect of Women’s Council of Realtors and account executive of Premier Home Funding, Jeena Sanchez, board president Orlando Regional – Women’s Council of Realtors and Nellie Michelot, president of Serving Out of Love. These organizations participated in a month-long community initiative celebrating #ActsofKindnessMonth, supporting their local community.

“We take community outreach very seriously at Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group,” said Rebecca. “It’s a point of pride for us to help those in need, improve our community’s culture, and reinforce a positive environment for generations to come. Partnering with these associations magnifies our efforts to make Central Florida a better place for everyone.”

Their efforts started on March 1 at a senior facility center paying tribute to Rebecca’s father, Dr. Robert Palmer. The initiative was capped by a community cookout titled “We Care Day” on March 23 at Z.L. Riley Park.

“Supporting the local community and striving to help people in need is a critical aspect of #ActsofKindnessMonth,” said Nellie Michelot, president of Serving Out of Love. “This year, with the help of the Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group, the Women’s Council of Realtors Florida, and Premier Home Funding, our community events will help create a better future for the Central Florida region.”

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