Respect for Marriage Act is a victory for all Americans

Rebecca Palmer published a guest column in the Orlando Sentinel on 12/3 concerning her perspective on the United States Senate passing the Respect for Marriage Act. The bill saw a bipartisan agreement ensuring safeguards for all Americans and their right to marriage.

“This is truly a significant step forward for our nation as everyone deserves the right to marry who they love, regardless of race or sexual orientation,” writes Rebecca. “The bill protects same-sex married couples in every state. It does not force states to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples, but it does force them to recognize the couple as married if they were married in a state that recognizes same-sex marriages.”

The bill also repeals the Defense of Marriage Act, which passed in the 1990s and defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Rebecca championed this change, writing, “I’m immeasurably proud of this bill’s passing, but more importantly, happy that future generations of LGBTQI+ and interracial couples can build their own families without fear of their love being outlawed by state legislatures.

Rebecca continues, “I also hope the Senate’s bipartisanship on this bill will be a precursor to more collaborative governance between the two parties on Capitol Hill. The American people all win when both parties find common ground on policies that benefit the greater good of the country.”

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