Respect Goes a Long Way Toward Addressing Gender Identity​

Rebecca L. Palmer published an Op-Ed in the Orlando Sentinel discussing the importance of recognizing and respecting the unique cultural shift the U.S. is facing concerning gender identity. She highlights her first just trial 30 years ago, defending a transgender individual, how misgendering someone inadvertently disrespects a person and makes them feel unsafe, and how not adjusting to this cultural shift goes against the scales of justice.

“Gender-based or gender-identification discrimination creates significant barriers to proper legal counsel and representation,” writes Rebecca. “As our society evolves, one recommendation would be to provide equity training in law school to prepare up-and-coming legal professionals and those already practicing.”

She emphasizes, “[U]sing correct names and pronouns shows respect, and at the end of the day, that is the minimum we should be willing to give one another.” Reinforcing the notion that a potion precedent can establish a foundation for respect through all sectors of the justice system.

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