Saluting Orlando Courthouses and Their Service to Our Community | The Community Paper

Courthouses have always been the cornerstone of a community and symbols of democracy, law, and justice. In a column published on 12/3, Rebecca talks about her experience in the courtroom and how courthouses have impacted the community to create a civic destination and places for social gatherings.

“Since trying my first case in the Orlando Courthouse more than 25 years ago, courthouses have held a special place in my heart,” write Rebecca. “Orlando was a much smaller town then, and over the years, our City Beautiful has grown significantly, but courthouses have remained a point of pride for our residents.”

Rebecca goes into the rich legal history of the courthouses in Orlando. “The most visible courthouse in Orlando is the Orange County Courthouse located in the heart of Downtown Orlando,” notes Rebecca. “The 23-story building is a key piece of the Orlando skyline and opened in 1997 and has seen many noteworthy cases in the 24 years since. In the 1880s, Orlando experienced tremendous growth fueled by the railroads, and Orange County leaders set out to build the first Orange County courthouse, which began construction in 1892 and was the sole courthouse of the city until 1927. The red-brick Victorian building featured a clock and bell tower known as the red Victorian courthouse. The building aged through the years and was demolished in 1957.”

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