Sharing Pawsitive Pet Custody After Divorce

In honor of National Animal Advocacy Day on April 30, Rebecca Palmer published a column where she discusses how to handle the complexities of pet custody after divorce. Even though pets are classified as an asset in a divorce, they are still living animals and will get stressed and upset if they are in constantly changing environments. Rebecca says people going through a divorce should take into account continuity in schedules, financial accountability, and communication between former partners when taking care of a pet.
“As in co-parenting situations for children, open and honest communication is crucial when it comes to developing shared pet custody,” says Rebecca. “To establish clear expectations regarding the animal’s care, it’s helpful to create a mutually agreed-upon schedule. By setting up a regular visitation plan, you manage responsibilities, minimize conflicts, and provide stability for your beloved pet.”
Additionally, to help with the new routines, Rebecca recommends using calendar apps to ensure continuity for your pet.
“Numerous online tools and calendar platforms, such as Google Calendar or Cozi, can help facilitate scheduling both your children’s and pets’ schedules in one place,” she says. “These platforms are also a great platform to create a digital pet profile, where you can document essential information, including their diet, medical history, and daily walk rituals to ensure your pet receives consistent love and care in both homes.”
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