Get to Know Stacey Springer

Stacey R. Springer is an attorney focusing on family law, personal injury, and liability claims. She recently joined the Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group as an Associate after previous work in such legal focuses as commercial carrier and trucking law and automobile and rental car liability. Stacey earned her Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad College of Law in 2001. She is a member of the Florida Bar and the American Bar Association. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and two dogs.


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Let’s get to know Stacey! 

      • What is your name and title? I am pleased to join the firm as an associate attorney. I come to the firm with extensive legal experience in multiple practice areas. I look forward to developing relationships with clients and supporting them in their family law needs.


      • What problems do you consistently solve for your clients? There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to family law; each of my client’s cases are unique and there is not one type of problem that consistently appears.  However, many of my clients frequently ask for clarity regarding how the whole legal process works, specifically with navigating interactions with the other party throughout the duration of the case. Our firm takes the time to listen to and respond to our clients’ questions and concerns, and then develop a solid plan that we hope will bring them the best outcome.


      • What advice do you most commonly give? The advice I most often give to clients is to focus on their family first and to always be present for them. When clients contact our firm, it’s usually because their family is in a transitional phase, and they are experiencing a challenge of some sort. I remind my clients to prioritize their family, especially their children, because that is what is most important. Family is what gets us through the hard times and keeps us moving forward—even during such situations as divorce. My promise to my clients is I will work diligently to help them meet their goals and I will be their advocate every step of the way.


      • What accomplishments are you most proud of? I am most proud of my children. I am blessed to be their mother. They are so kind and such generous and amazing individuals. They bring me such joy and inspire me each day. They make my days so much brighter.


      • What are you most passionate about professionally? Family law is my greatest professional passion. Helping clients navigate their family disputes and the often-confusing legal system is what motivates me as a lawyer. The emotional pain of divorce and other family-related problems is hard enough without also trying to figure how to work through the legal landscape at the same time; that is why it is my goal to alleviate some stress from my clients by providing them with high-quality and hands-on legal services.


      • What are you most passionate about personally?  In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with  my husband, daughter, son, and two dogs. We love finding new things to do together outside the house like going to the beach, arcade, bowling, museums, and the list goes on. At home, we can usually be found watching movies, playing Nintendo or Roblox together. Spending quality time with my family is more rewarding than anything else in my life.


      • What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it? I am a huge animal lover and would love to open a large animal rescue compound for all different types of animals. I could spend my days caring for and playing with all the animals and ensuring that, if injured, they are rehabilitated. I would also love to help the animals find forever homes. If I could, I would adopt all the homeless animals and shower them with love.


      • What are you surprisingly good at? I am surprisingly good at listening.  I always take the time to listen to our clients’ needs. Our clients are so diverse, coming from many different backgrounds with many different problems. I pride myself on taking the time to address any questions my clients have and creating an open line of communication; I am always available to provide clarity on their legal matters.


      • What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? The best advice is to control what I can control and let the rest go. There are so many things in life that we cannot control, yet we let those things consume us with worry and anxiety. You should  try to focus only on the things that you can control to stay healthy mentally.


      • What is your educational background? I have a Bachelor’s degree in  in Psychology from Florida State University, and earned my Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad Law Center.