The Advantage of Pop-Up Divorce Courts | Attorney at Law Magazine

Pop-up divorce courts are becoming more and more popular as we progress into 2022. These temporary spaces offer quick access to unique retail opportunities and experiences. Now, pop-ups are making space in the judicial system for litigation such as divorce courts and other minor cases. In an article published in Attorney at Law Magazine on 1/25, Rebecca Palmer details the advantages of pop-up divorce courts and how their increased usage could be a relief valve on a justice system that has become overloaded and consistently delayed.

Rebecca highlights the recent Spartanburg Family Court “Pro Se Day” event that saw three judges finalize more than 100 divorces in a single day. This event helped unclog dockets, clear a backlog of cases, and provide closure to divorce petitioners ahead of the holidays. Rebecca’s emphasis centers around the efficiency and expedience that this pop-up divorce proceeding granted to citizens who just wanted to move on with their lives without judicial proceedings taxing their lives more than it already was.

Additionally, Rebecca mentions another method in accelerating the divorce process in Florida called the “Simplified Dissolution of Marriage.” This process helps couples have their divorce granted in approximately 30 days as long as the divorce terms are uncontested. Not every divorce can use a pop-up court of the dissolution method, but there are options available for anyone to pursue.

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