Valentine’s Day Could be Called Divorce Day…Statistically Speaking

The firm’s Managing Partner and Founder, Rebecca Palmer, published an article in the Daily Business Review highlighting the statistical correlation between Valentine’s Day and “divorce day,” offering advice to families going through a divorce.

“It may seem a little odd that the weeks surrounding the International Day of Love have become a beacon for divorce petitions, but if Valentine’s Day is examined in a broader context, it does shine some light on why it is an optimum time of year,” Rebecca writes. “The increase in divorce inquiries, legal separations, and filings can be attributed to life events building up to February 14.”

Rebecca states that financial, personal, and emotional stressors during this time of year push couples to their breaking points, in addition to the often long and arduous process of completing a divorce filing. She concludes, “Divorce is a complex life event that should be entered into with a plan and trusted advisors. Valentine’s Day and many other holidays, songs, and travel destinations will serve as reminders of the good and bad times, but they can also be the inspiration needed to carry on.”

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