Valentine’s Day May Increase Divorce Inquiries Following a Separation

best divorce attorney orlandoAn article published 2/14 in Missouri Lawyers Media quoted Rebecca Palmer discussing how divorces increase during Valentine’s Day. Palmer says the so-called “Valentine’s Effect” comesabout thanks to post-holiday stress that boils over into the new year. Additionally, couples often hold off on separating until the new year is at least a month old.

“The [end-of-year] holidays, for many couples who haven’t made the final decision to divorce, serve as a ‘last chance’ to work things out,” Palmer was quoted in the article. “This final attempt during the end of the year usually delays the initiation of a divorce proceeding.”

The stress level can be even more pronounced when the separating couple has children, causing a rather precarious potential for a mid-February breakup.

“While Valentine’s Day can be stressful, the extra pressure could easily be the final straw for a couple already in turmoil,” the article said.

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