What Matters in The End

By Rebecca L. Palmer published in General Counsel News

In a marriage, a lot of time is spent making decisions together. What car should we buy? Where should we live? Should we have kids? What color should we paint the living room? At the time, they seem like significant decisions, and more times than not, one partner makes a compromise. Rebecca Palmer writes that divorce can deliver much-needed clarity about what matters in life, even though it’s complicated.

“Repeatedly sacrificing your needs to avoid conflict and not standing up for what you believe in has the power to destroy a marriage. Often, compromising means giving up what you know to be best – and if you are being asked to do that or feel you have to each time, then something is wrong.” writes Rebecca.

“Perhaps it is too late to save your marriage, but it matters how you come out of a divorce. Be honest with yourself and your partner about what is important to move forward. Since you are no longer “we,” try to see it as an opportunity to start a new chapter of life. This can be filled up with a stronger relationship with yourself and the people you love. Instead of spending time giving in on paint color – you can choose wallpaper! “

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